Subsubsection - Center a Crystal

Figure 2.9: Center Widget
The crystal is mounted on a 6-stage goniometer.
  • choose the High Res tab of the video feed
  • open a new Konsole, type: center
  • The Center Widget will open
    • The left numerical column is requested position
    • The right numerical column is actual position
    • The upper quadrangle governs movement based on the Omega angle; buttons are paired by row
      • The four < and > buttons are directional movement
      • The black border always halos “upward” ↑ movement
      • The opposing button is “downward” ↓ movement
      • The adjacent pair move orthogonal to the video screen
    • The 90° and 180° buttons rotate Omega to that angle
    • The bottom pair of < and > buttons move “left” ← and “right” → on the video feed
    • The ! menu
      • reset if the widget locks up
      • home moves everything back to the mounting position