Subsubsection - Collect a Dataset

When collecting a dataset it is important to note that you can only collect on Omega between 0 and 180°. If you need to collect more, collect the first 180° with Omega, flip the crystal 180° in Phi, and collect with Omega between 0 and 180° again for the back side.
  • press the * Tab to create a new run
  • Follow Collect a Still-Image, but notice the availability of
    End: Frame Number | Omega Angle
    1. enter the Start: Frame | Omega
    2. enter the End: Omega
    3. End: Frame will auto-fill
  • Dark Images are collected automatically
  • click Collect
  • click Reset if the run stops early
    • When re-inputing the Frame Number and Omega Angle subsequent to a reset, be sure not to press enter following the Frame Number. Doing so will prevent BLU-ICE from properly resuming the data collection. Only press enter after inputing the Omega Angle.
Figure 2.11: BLU-ICE – New Run